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Krooswyk Materials is located in Northwest Indiana.  We are a wholesale company that stocks Fond du Lac Stone Eden and Valders Fond du Lac stone and stone veneer
from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Pick up or delivery is available.  Our yard is located in Highland, Indiana and we serve NW Indiana and Chicago surrounding area.
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Monday - Friday : 7am - 5pm
Saturday : 7am - Noon
Sunday : Closed
9731 Indianapolis Blvd., Highland, IN 46322
Located between Webb Ford and Centier Bank behind the Red Brick House
Fond du Lac Stone
(we can get anything else - call for details)

Eden Machine Cut Veneer
-White to Light Gray (2"-6" / 6"-9")
Chilton Machine Cut Veneer
-Grays, Slight Blues, Slight Lavender (2"-6" / 6"-9")
Oakfield Machine Cut Veneer
-Buff and Gray Tones (2"-6")
Mountain Crest Machine Cut Veneer
-Shades of Gray (2"-6" / 6"-9")
Windsor Machine Cut Veneer
-        (2"-6")
Fond du Lac Machine Cut Veneer
-Buff, White, Gray Tones (2"-6" / 6"-9")

Eden Dimensional Sawed and Split Faced
-White to Gray (5")

Eden Jumpers (9"-12")


Valders Pavers

Valders Polar Chunks

"Holey" Outcropping

Cut Drywall

Lawn Edging

Eden Steps

Eden Benches

Eden Pillar Caps
Eden Veneer Fond du Lac Stone Indiana
Valders Fond du Lac Stone Marble Indiana
Fond du Lac Eden Stone Veneer Oakfield
Eden Stone Machine Cut Veneer
Fond du Lac Eden Stone Veneer Oakfield 2
Eden Stone Machine Cut Veneer 2
Fond du Lac Stone ~ Stone Veneer ~ Outcropping ~ Flagstone ~ Steppers ~ Jumpers ~ Boulders